What do the home screen widgets and shortcuts do?

CC V3.6.4 added home screen widgets and shortcuts.

The home screen widgets show the last few books that you have read by using CC's launch reader app function: long press on a book or the "Read" action in Book Details. They are automatically updated every time you read a book from CC. If there are no books in your library or if you have never launched a reader app, the widgets will show placeholders such as an empty bookshelf or 'Droid browing books.

There are four widgets:

  • A cover list: this widget shows a vertically scrolling list of covers of the last books you have read, with the latest at the top.
  • A stack view: this shows the covers of the last books you have read in a stack. Flicking down will reveal the next-oldest cover. Flicking up reveals the next-previous cover.
  • A booklist view: this is a scrollable list similar to CC's booklist, showing a thumbnail of the cover, the title, the authors, and the series if there is one.
  • A single-row grid: This shows the last few read books (you choose the count) from left to right. It cannot be scrolled.

It is possible that you "accidentally" read a book and it now appears in the widgets when you don't want it to. You can remove a book from the widgets in Book details. Click on the menu icon (the 3 dots) and choose "Remove from home screen widgets." Nothing bad will happen if you remove a book from the widgets that isn't there.

Home screen shortcuts, created in Book Details, will launch a reader on the book that the shortcut represents. There is no notion of "last read"; a shortcut can be created for a book that has never been read. One could use this feature to make shortcuts for reference books, books you intend to read, or books you are currently reading. Once created, a shortcut will remain on the home screen until you delete it.

Charles Haley
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